Freestyle and Disco

This form of dancing is one of the most popular amongst the younger generation because it's fun, fast and exciting. It continually changes as the style of popular music develops and has definitely changed a lot since its birth following the film "Saturday Night Fever".

The impact from Pop artists, groups, videos and MTV has meant that everyone can become another Justin Timberlake or Brittany Spears, all you need to do is learn the moves. It involves all kinds of movement using your body to express dance music that can be fast and beaty or slow and beautifully controlled. Steps such as, runs, kicks, spins, jumps and leaps are used with arm movements to enhance the moves.

Our Tiny Tots Disco class is extremely popular with the very young, it teaches the children co-ordination, spacial awareness, creativity and gives them rhythm and timing and builds self esteem.

Our Freestyle dancers train hard and regularly enter competitions at National Level with great success.

We teach great dance routines to the latest chart sounds for all ages from 3-18 years for all abilities, so whether you are looking to dance socially, for health reasons or competitively, we have a class to suit you.

Len Goodman Dance School